The US and LHCf

William Turner of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

One U.S. physicist, William Turner, participated in the LHCf experiment during its construction phase. Dr. Turner is now retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Turner led the design and fabrication of the forward neutral particle absorber, called a TAN, four of which are used in the LHC. The TAN absorbs neutral particles created in collisions in the center of the ATLAS and CMS experiments. These neutral particles are produced at small angles and thus travel along the beam line with the accelerated protons. Such neutral particles must be absorbed before they reach the LHC's many dipoles and quadrupoles, as the heat they generate could cause problems for the operation of the superconducting magnets. The TAN was designed with an instrumentation slot that accommodates the LHCf calorimeter and other devices.

Turner participated in tests of the prototype LHCf calorimeters that were carried out at another CERN accelerator, the SPS. He also helped write the LHCf Letter of Intent and Technical Design Proposal submitted to CERN during the approval process for the experiment.